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We invite you to become a member of the New York Spa Alliance

Our mission

Our vision


Guiding Principles

  • To create a clear and positive voice for the Spa Business Community within New York State.
  • To promote wellness of body, mind and spirit among the citizens of New York State and its spa-going visitors.
  • To promote the growth and prosperity of Spa Businesses in New York State.
  • To bring together all spa-related business interests for the mutual benefit of the Spa Business Community in New York State.
  • To assist in the economic revitalization of small communities throughout New York State by encouraging the establishment and growth of Spa Businesses in these communities.
  • To heighten state, national and international awareness of the number and variety of Spa Businesses located in the many beautiful vacation areas and stress-free zones that exist throughout New York State.
  • To encourage sustainability of the environment through the use of best practices by Spa Businesses in New York State.
  • To serve as a valuable resource of information and education to Spa Businesses and spa-goers throughout New York State


There are many ways to utilize NYSPA to further your spa education, business and maximize your growth potential:

   Online Job Bank:
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·   Online Advertisement on NYSPA Website and links
·   Sponsorship Opportunities
·   Creation of New York Regional Spa Trails

·   Online Media Leads
·   Press Releases
·   Usage of NYSPA logo

·   Annual NYSPA Symposium
·   Bi-Annual Membership Meeting
·   Future Quarterly Roundtables
·   Membership Directory (Online) and Networking Opportunities
·   Articles in Quarterly NYSPA Newsletter
·   Complimentary Conference Pass to the Annual Spa and Resort Expo in New York

NYSPA Membership

$500:  Individual
$500:  Organization (Entitles one individual to participate from the company) 

*After January 1, 2011, the membership fee will raise to $600.

$150:  Additional Individual ($150 each additional employee by member organization)
$75:    Student

Why should you join NYSPA?

By joining together, under the NYSPA banner, the diverse group of businesses who are a part of the Spa Industry in New York will create a powerful platform to protect and enhance their interests.

These interests include the following:

1. Connect with the schools, colleges and universities in New York to provide more educational opportunities for young people interested in the Spa Industry.

2. Provide assistance in improving the ability of spa business to find qualified trained management and staff.

3. Provide direction and leadership in determining uniform operational standards and a quality assurance program for the Spa Industry in New York.

4. Educate Spa Industry and ancillary businesses on the emerging opportunities that will bring together the diverse areas of hospitality, insurance, health care and community development.

5. Provide assistance to those individuals interested in joining or starting a spa related business in New York State.

6. Provide a forum for political, action to educate the state and local political leaders on the importance of the Spa Industry and to develop political support for the growth of the Spa Industry in New York State; and

7. Provide a vehicle for small communities in New York State to work with the Spa Industry businesses as a means to economic re-development.