Members Committees

We have established the Members Committees that were proposed at the Symposium. We are delighted with the excitement and energy that we have received from our Members, and many of you have already volunteered to participate in NY-SPA through committee work. We will be communicating soon with those of you who have volunteered, and will be appointing a temporary leader to help organize each group until each Committee has a chance to meet and establish its own organization and its own leadership.

The standing Member Committees currently are: 

Executive Committee:

Chairman: Mia Kyricos

Co-Founder: Mary Tabacchi

Treasurer: Rachel Hogancamp

Secretary: Yael Alkalay

Marketing & Communications:

Committee Co-Chairs: Jim Cox & Kristen Haines

PR Lead: Carole Kessie

Website Lead: Molly Southern

Board Committee Members: Judith Jackson, Teresa Mckee, Douglas Drummond

Executive Committee Liaison: Mia Kyricos

Finance & Partners/Sponsorships:

Committee Chair: Leslie Leonard

Board Committee Members: Tanuj Puri, Steve Kass

Executive Committee Liaison: Rachel Hogancamp 


Committee Chair: Jennifer Okun

Board Committee Members: Andrew Morgan, Elizabeth Winograd, Nancy Trent

Executive Board Liaison: Yael Alkalay


Committee Chair: Mary Tabacchi

If you have an interest in participating on any of these Committees and have not yet had a chance to volunteer, please let us know, and we will make sure that you are included.