Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision

To position New York State as a premier desination for spa and wellness related industry, and to serve as a resource for information, education, advocacy and action for our member businesses.

Our Mission

To create awareness of New York State's vibrant spa and wellness businesses and to help support and facilitate their ongoing growth and prosperity.

Our Core Values

The following traits represent deeply held driving forces of the NYSPA organization:

  • Leading: Our organization serves as an authority on the state and health of New York's spa businesses. We exist to educate those individuals or parties interested in understanding our industry and/or helping to maximize its potential.
  • Influential: Where necessary, we advocate for the spa and wellness-related member businesses and resources. This network serves as a virtual community of like-minded individuals and companies who are interested in teaching and learning from one another.
  • Voice: We provide a forum by which our members may be heard, and exist as a common voice to achieve the business objectives shared by all.

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